Tutorial: How to make a small children backpack

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Hello, today we will show you how to make a very lovely backpack for your children. The original tutorial please visit this blog. Translated by Diytuco.

Take a look at this balo, very lovely!

1. Prepare sheet cloth, fabric, cotton shop each one: 

     - 2 Package body 28x28cm.  The back body cut out 2 squares at the bottom corner  (4cm) - see the image below
Backpack body x2

 The outer front bag 19.5x28cm  (such as drawing arcs and 4cm grip angle). Cut another
 Bag cover 14x14cm square (wipe round)
 Top strap 2.5x13cm (without lining, wide seam stay 2cm)
 Shoulder straps : 4x50cm x2  (no lining, wide seam leaving 2cm)
 A lace 2cm wide 13cm, 52cm x2

The outer front bag, Bag cover, Top strap

 Small tips:
       For who met the tape class
       This is a favorite lazy way
       Seam and leave more:
       For example, 4cm wide belt, seam left on each 1.5 to 2cm
       Spread one side with plastic scissors good iron to cotton cloth
       In turn, use double-sided tape with a cloth, folded ironed
      The hole also use double-sided adhesive cloth on ironing sufficiently wide lace
       Sewing 2 straight line , and the same decoration style for both
Here the outer front part of the bag with outer bag made of cotton
You do not have to completely cut according to the size of the fabric
Remember the bottom side of the outer bag will not be too thick

2. Sew the front bag:
Sew the outer front bag and the front body together, you can decorate by a small lace.

3. Make straps

Sew 2 shoulder straps and decorate them with lace , also sew the top trap

4. Make the back of the bag:

- Sew 2 shoulder straps with the back body of the bag ( the square fabric 28x28 ) at the middle of the back body. Put them 2 cm apart from the middle.

 - Fold the top strap and sew with the back body as below

- Sew the bag cover in front of the body. Add the button.

Now sew the other side of those shoulder straps to the bottom part ( see the photo for detail)

You can decorate them with the lace

5: Make the bag form

After making the back body, you will have two parts of the backpack. Sew them together

6. Keychains:
You can make  keychain by sewing inside your bag body. It would help your bag keep your things.

Sew inside the edge

Here is the complete backpack. Hope you like this tutorial


  1. Muy hermoso este bolso! Me encanta!

  2. Ciao!!! Bellissimo tutorial!! Vorrei sapere come fai a cucire la stoffa da mettere all'interno dello zainetto...mi manca questo passaggio...

  3. How can i make it bigger? Do you have the dimension needed?

  4. So cute, I want to try to make it, hope success

  5. So cute, I want to try to make it, hope success

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