Sewing lamb Nyashu

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New Year is around the corner and I want to offer you sew yourself one of the popular choices of textile sheep - Nyashu. Sewed it easily and quickly!

To create a lamb will need:

     - tissue (monochrome - to muzzle, 1 main color for the body)
     - Pattern;
     - cotton for stuffing

    - Colour Threads , a piece of white fleece for the eyes (you can use felt), black beads (beads) - for pupils, blush for cheek; black acrylic color to paint the nostrils;
     decorations: ribbons, pendants, buttons.

1. Cut the fabric follow the dolls pattern above - all parts: the body - 2 pieces, muzzle, ears - 2 pieces and forelock. 

2. Sewing the front and back body parts.. Attention, parts of the body and Chubik sewn in a circle. You don't need to leave the hole between the body parts.

3. The gut-wrenching detail. With ears and muzzle all clear, but the rest of the gut-wrenching details as follows: ripper (or sharp scissors), make a hole in the middle, as do the notch "between the legs" and gut-wrenching.

4. Stuff the cotton into the legs

5. Now for the body. Sew the edge of hole together. Try to make them invisible

Next, apply a seam into two parts and put the body on the feet - thus checking exactly do we combine them. And crosslinking hidden seam along a marked route

6. Then sewing the muzzle

Try on its face to the body and just hidden seam, sew.

7. Eyes. Fleece cut out two circles, take two beads.

 Try on the muzzle, Chub not sew, but simply enclose, to see if he closes his eyes in the future. Sutured eyes.

9. Sew ears

Ruddy cheeks and draw nostrils.

10. Decorate lamb. Make a ponytail and bow / flower on the attractive face.

 Christmas lamb is ready! Sewing process takes no more than 2 hours, and the result will please not only you!
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