Easy Sock doll : Red Nose Rudolph the Reindeer Diy tutorial

Hi everyone, this is very lovely tutorial we found on the internet, in Korean. We would like to translate and share with you. The lovely reindeer would be an amazing Christmas gift for your kids.
The original link here: http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=284730&memberNo=1740&vType=VERTICAL

This is the lovely Reindeer

                                                           The Rudolph Reindeer with his red nose


Let's start to make your own:

Tutorial: How to make a small children backpack

Hello, today we will show you how to make a very lovely backpack for your children. The original tutorial please visit this blog. Translated by Diytuco.

Take a look at this balo, very lovely!

Sew "8 kitaychat cheerful" Pincushion

Sew "8 kitaychat cheerful" Pincushion

In China, the number "8" is considered to bring good luck and prosperity, and it is the respect of perseverance and persistence of Chinese women and working women at all outside China
Once upon a time, in the bearded times on the mug needlework teacher, who lived several years in China, he has taught us to sew traditional Chinese needle bar.

I propose to you with the children to portray this simple to perform and very useful in saving money.

I took a simple fabric to make it, and imagine a masterpiece for a gift, you can create pieces of printed silk or velvet.

This needle bar is always visible, and always will be to improve mood and combat disabled!
Translate: Diytuco Blog
Via: livemaster.ru 

So, we start ....

Decorative Stitch Piping Frames Appliqué Pillow: Janome America from Sew for home

We're always thinking about new ways to use all the great decorative stitches available on our Janome machines. This pillow features them in a unique way that makes ordinary piping pop. You start with jumbo half inch piping, which requires a wide fabric strip as a wrap. This fabric strip becomes the base for two rows of bold decorative stitching. We used the full 9mm stitch width available on our Janome Skyline S5. When wrapped around the piping cord, these stitches create a striking embellishment that beautifully frames the entire pillow. 
The front of the pillow continues the decorative design, but more subtly. A delicate blanket stitch appliqués four triangle accents to the simple base patchwork. 
If you are new to either technique, we do have extended tutorials on both decorative stitching and appliqué. Check them out for tips and techniques that can help you get the most professional results. 
The stitching is the star of this pillow, so look for a trio of solid fabrics that blend well with one another but don't detract from the decorative thread work. One light and one dark tone works well for the simple front patchwork. The dark tone is then used for the envelope back. 
For the best look to the piping's decorative stitching, we recommend a darker fabric with light thread. On the front, to achieve the more muted look, use a thread about one shade deeper than the darkest of your two fabrics. 
Our piping fabric is cut on the bias then interfaced. This interfacing provides a bit of stabilization to the lightweight quilting weight cotton so the decorative stitching is as crisp and clean as possible. Yes, the interfacing does cancel out some of the benefit of the stretchy bias cut, but not all. There's still enough ease within the strip to allow a smooth curve around each corner of the pillow.
We recommend adding a layer of batting to both the front as well as the back for a super smooth finish.
Our pillow finishes at approximately 20" x 20", excluding the piping, which adds approximately 1" overallrr
Start reading the tutorial here. Via Sew for home

Mini owl bag

By this weekend, here's a little idea of the season to occupy little hands: I call the mini owl bag. Very quick to make, it may perfect for candy  

The tutorial via avecses10ptitsdoigts
Translate by Diytuco

To make this mini bag, you will need:

Templates ( you can find it at the end of this post)  - a printer - the thick white felt -  the black felt and brown medium thickness - a needled white thread - the thread black- a snap - a pair of scissors .

                                                              How to make:

Download and print the file with the templates. Cut out different forms: front, back, front, handle in white, black beak and pupils, brown eyes. Start sewing with the white front and back together , leaving the seamless upper. Turn the whole. Add the front as shown in the following picture and turn the handle in the stitching on the inside. Place the two parts of the snap and sew. Add eyes and nose using black thread. The bag is mounted. A bellows effect, tuck the side seams.