Mini owl bag

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By this weekend, here's a little idea of the season to occupy little hands: I call the mini owl bag. Very quick to make, it may perfect for candy  

The tutorial via avecses10ptitsdoigts
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To make this mini bag, you will need:

Templates ( you can find it at the end of this post)  - a printer - the thick white felt -  the black felt and brown medium thickness - a needled white thread - the thread black- a snap - a pair of scissors .

                                                              How to make:

Download and print the file with the templates. Cut out different forms: front, back, front, handle in white, black beak and pupils, brown eyes. Start sewing with the white front and back together , leaving the seamless upper. Turn the whole. Add the front as shown in the following picture and turn the handle in the stitching on the inside. Place the two parts of the snap and sew. Add eyes and nose using black thread. The bag is mounted. A bellows effect, tuck the side seams.

It is of course possible to adapt the size of the bag depending on the use you want to make retaining felt very thick for a nice layout. Here, we prefer small; o).

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