Sew "8 kitaychat cheerful" Pincushion

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Sew "8 kitaychat cheerful" Pincushion

In China, the number "8" is considered to bring good luck and prosperity, and it is the respect of perseverance and persistence of Chinese women and working women at all outside China
Once upon a time, in the bearded times on the mug needlework teacher, who lived several years in China, he has taught us to sew traditional Chinese needle bar.

I propose to you with the children to portray this simple to perform and very useful in saving money.

I took a simple fabric to make it, and imagine a masterpiece for a gift, you can create pieces of printed silk or velvet.

This needle bar is always visible, and always will be to improve mood and combat disabled!
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So, we start ....

We need:
8 rectangles fabric , size of 6.5 cm x  8,5cm to make the doll body
8 circles with a diameter of 5 cm from knitwear (not knitted head will be smaller).
Cotton for stuffing.
The wheel parts: 2 wheel diameter 11cm., 1 bar measuring 37cm x 7cm.
Woolen yarn, sewing remnants, medical clamp-forceps.
One bead.
Color thread.

1. Take our body pieces and mark at the middle.

2. Fold the edge and sew it , do as the same for the other edge. Follow the photos below

 Then gently wrenched the tool to open it

Dragged out of the corner.

 3. Use the cotton to fill the body and sew it

4. Sew a circle around the edge. I love to do simple assembly for any balls and pom-poms, as in contrast to the assembly over the edge, then it is easier to hide the edges of the inside, especially if the fabric fray.

 5. Stuffed and tighten our ball-head can lay a couple of extra protracted series for strength and elegance of form.

 6. Note the pin mid-face, and put a pencil mark, about 1/3 - we make the hair of the dolls

 7. Use the black woolen thread on the mark for the hair. Then we pull "Babylon" on a folded piece of cardboard or a piece of width 4cm. Make tack and gently take out a piece of cardboard.

 8., Tie them all

9. We sew the face of this doll following the photos

 Make a smile "tick."

10. Sew the head and the body, for convenience, you can sew the first stitches by large head, and then stitch the details

11. Make all 8 dolls

12. Sew arms and legs, close in a friendly circle ..

 13. Fold and sew a strip, leaving in place the side seam for stuffing. Sew 2 pieces of the pincushion at the other side and fill with cotton.

14. Planting for the kids' table. Mix the color of the doll. Important: The circle should be done symmetrically to each child, to avoid warping.

15. We turn the pincushion. Take a strong thread to decorate the pincushion. Pierces and extends through the thread, put on a bead, tightening, fasten. Next, stretch yarn and how to "hug" the center of the top of the center of the bottom and tie.

Our pincushion is ready!