Wooden Base Pin Cushion

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Wooden Base Pin Cushion

wood base pincushions 1

Hi Everyone!
It's Michelle here from stella-lily's. I'm super excited to share a pin cushion tutorial with you today. I saw this style pin cushion at the place here in Germany where I took sewing courses. There was a REALLY BIG pincushion on the cutting table for all to use and I immediately fell in love with it's practicality . I knew right away I needed to go home and make one for myself. Since then I've made one for almost every sew-ist I know. The flat, solid bottom sits nicely on the table. The fun style makes it a nice accessory to any sewing room and the size is ideal to keep all your pins tidy. I hope you'll enjoy the tutorial.Please come visit me on my blog or on my very lonelyFacebook page. I'd love to hear from you and see what you've made from my tutorial.     

Let's get started!!
Click here for printer friendly instructions

scraps of fabric
one long strip of fabric approximately 2” ( 5cm) wide by 21” ( 53cm) long
ribbon, ric rac, buttons, etc for embellishments
wooden disk measuring approximately 6 inch ( 15cm) diameter
fiberfill or stuffing of choice
staple gun
ruler/measuring tape
basic sewing supplies
Seam allowance is 1/4” unless otherwise specified.

First we'll need to figure out our pattern size. Take your wooden disk and divide it in as many sections as you'd like. I divided mine in 8 sections. I traced a section then added approximately ¼ inch seam allowance . I cut off the tip of my section as I found it easier to sew my pieces together that way. 

wood base pin cushion tutorial

riley blake wood base tutorial

Cut out your pattern pieces.

pattern pieces wood base pin cushion

Sew the pieces together to form a circle then iron the seams as flat as possible.

wood base pin cushion tutorial circles

Now it's time to add the embellishments. I like to use ric rac as well as ribbons. Riley Blake has a beautiful velvet ric rac and I love love love the crochet flowers.Do what makes you happy because you're the designer, after all! 

embellishments wood base pincushions

Take a measuring band and measure around your circle. My circle is approximately 21” so I cut my length of fabric for the band at 22” giving me enough wiggle room. Iron one long edge of the band and stitch it in place with a very narrow seam allowance.

band wood base tutorial

sewing band wood base tutorial

 Fold one short ends 1/4” towards the wrong side and press. Make tiny snips in the unfinished long edge allowing the fabric to easily be pinned in place. Careful your snips are less than your seam allowance. Pin the unfinished edge of the strip of fabric, right sides together as seen in photo below to your circle. If you strip is too long, cut off the necessary amount  allowing yourself at least 1/4” to fold over to make a nice finish. Overlap the starting edge with the folded over end. Sew with a 1/4” seam allowance.

band to circle wood base tutorial

Once this part is done, it's time to attach the pincushion to the wooden disk. I like to lay my pincushion form, crocheted flower side down and put a big wad of fiberfill inside then the wooden disk on top. I was alone while putting the tutorial together and I found it impossible to hold my disk in place with a staple gun and camera in hand. :-) I put my first staple where the folded short ends meet, then one right across from it. One on the side, one directly across from that one then fill in around. Hopefully the photo below explains it well enough. **** Tip....make sure your staples are shorter than the thickness of the wooden base.  ( speaking from experience here!) 

base portion of tutorial

( 929-NeunZwoNeun is my brand name/ Etsy shop in case you're wondering what the stamp is)

And that's it!

finished wooden base pin cushion

Have fun sewing!

finished wooden base pincushion

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