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Hello everyone,
after a few requests, here is the tutorial of the trailer circus Rémi :

List of basic supplies (excluding embellishments depending on your taste):

  • Very thick cardboard and rigid
  • A glue gun
  • A good pair of scissors
  • Paper (at least one printed sheet double-sided ) (by Chloe Closet of Making Memories )
  • Buttons,
  • Tape
  • Thread and needle
  • Flowers,
  • Two mini magnets,
  • A border punch (or scissors pinking failing)
  • Liquid Pearls (for finishing)
  • Sandpaper, file or other ...
  • A transparent drop of water, plastic (for bulb lantern at the door)
  • A little patience ...

I'm a little novice regarding the tutorials , so I tried to create files with the plans, you will find below. Clickon these pictures: "Open link in new tab", then "Save Image As ... ", you will have images in A4 format on your computer, and you can print and cut out the templates. For those who do not have a printer or wants to pass template, dimensions are indicated on the images (or text). So to begin, you'll need a little (lot) of stiff cardboard. For my part, I had received a lot where there were pieces of cardboard " book boards "7Gypsies , but any card can do the trick (provided it is thick!) The step of cutting different parts cardboard is quite painful, and the box will be thicker and stiffer, it will be a hassle, but the result will live up to your efforts lol Very good scissors needed, and I had just received scissors Fiskars 'Club Fiskarettes !

  1. Using the above files, cut the 4 wheels, 2 windows, 4 parts, two sides, and both sides. Attention, the roof is cut in a paper printed double-sided (not cardboard). Then, cut out of cardboard floor of the trailer (not on the two files) into a rectangle measuring 8.5 / 20cm. (And not 13.5 cm, thank you for making me Marmoset out that there was a concern as measures! ... lol sorry this is my first tutorial ! I think there was confusion with the roof him good measure 13, 5cm wide!))
  2. Using your cardboard pieces, you can cut the paper (choose the paper that is currently my favorite!) And cover each cardboard elements. Do not forget to sand the edges of the pieces of your trailer (ink it if you want). Faces, sides, floor and wheels are covered with paper front and back (especially if the trailer is designed to accommodate a mini inside will be decorated).
    It is time to put this all together with your glue gun!
  3. Glue the sides to the sides , and then assemble it on the floor (in green on the photo). The front is stuck at about 4cm edges of the floor, to create a small terrace, and 2cm from the rear.
Once this is achieved the floor, sides and faces assembled: I chose to stick a second piece of paper, and tape halfway up the sides for decoration.

4. Before gluing the rest, we will assemble the curtain , the bottom of the window (paper) and cardboard structure of the window:

To create the curtain just frown a piece of ribbon (a wire on one side of the tape, then pull the thread and tie). On a piece of paper (pretty clear) cut through the template "window" you can stick your tape and your piece of cardboard window. You get this (the flowers are optional! lol )

5. First paste windows, taking a cue for the sides is the same: let two centimeters between the window and the floor, and 4.5 cm on each side of the window.
Then paste the shutters , about 2mm window. You can start decorating (a button to the flaps, a few flowers on the windows).

6. Before gluing the wheels, we will create the roof lantern, tiles for the roof and chimney.
Rounding is simply due to the ability of the paper to keep a form:
A piece of paper is cut, as indicated by the number 2 (13.5 by 20cm) file in a printed recto / verso and paper using a hole punch edge, the edges are decorated to create the lantern is passed a thick wire (or kitchen string) on a fairly large button (about two centimeters in diameter), and a half drop of water on top of the button, which is passed around on glue an inch from the edge of the roof at the center. We glue the small piece of wire that exceeds will be hidden by the tiles: To create the tiles are cut 6 strips 20/4cm in three different papers, which is also decorated with a border punch. In the first paper (double front 13.5 / 20), the strips are assembled obtained (each "tile" is about 2cm), symmetrically, and we finished the roof with a piece of tape. For finishes, you stick a piece of tape on each side (and buttons).

A flat, we get this:

To create the fireplace , wrap two pieces of paper (about 3 cm and 2) that you assemble. Just hide the "seam" with a piece of tape and stick two or three buttons to create the "hat".

Like this:

Simply attach the roof, only one side if you want the trailer opens with a glue gun, and the other side is attached small magnets. Magnets are hidden in small pieces of ribbon folded in half and glued to the side edges which opens the trailer (careful to note the location of your magnets.) It'll just create a door (4/8cm) (I could not take off without the risk of tearing, so it is not in the templates), decorate, and paste thewheels (4cm to the ground)! Last step: the stairs ! If you have your paper-covered stairs, he must now paste the steps. Glue each works well in conjunction with the base (the sides that touch the ground, and the floor of the trailer) oblique supports. Otherwise, your steps will be wobbly! There'll just paste the stairs under the floor in front of the door. Your trailer has good looks, and you've probably spent a little time for it! I hope you had fun (my tutorial was not too difficult to follow and understand)! Feel free to leave a comment with your blog address and your trailer, if this tutorial you rained, or ask a question, if something is not clear (which is very likely)!

Thank you!

Some links with the girls from the trailer, bravo girls, they are superb! 

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