DIY: Turn a Lens into a Bouquet Holder

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If you were to pick a themed wedding, it wouldn’t be lightsabers and Ewoks. It’d be photo-themed.
But this is no Vegas drive-through wedding. This is a glassy classy operation.
There are lots of ways to weave your favorite things into your wedding, but this DIY lens bouquet holder our pal Amber Phillips made stood out as a super original way to include your love of photography.
She’s sharing her how-to, and you don’t even have to be getting married to get in on it! You can turn your lens into a vase, planter, or a pencil-holder.
Make a Lens Bouquet Holder
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Why It’s Cool:

ingred-smMaybe you have a broken, old lens you haven’t been able to use, or maybe your local camera shop has a bin of scratched lenses that you eye every time you visit.
Whether you’re having a wedding or not, you can repurpose that lens, and that saves one more from ending up in the dump while beautifying your home all at the same time.
This project shows you how to safely hollow out your lens, so you can fill it with flowers, pencils, plants, a pile of plastic dinosaurs, or whatever else you might have around.


  • A broken lens
  • A hammer
  • Pliers
  • Any kind of knife
  • Floral foam (a 4″ x 4″ chunk does fine)
  • Gorilla glue or hot glue
  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves

STEP 1: How a Broken Lens Got Its Groove Back

paint-smWhere does one pick up a broken lens? It’s as easy as searching “broken lens” on eBay.
Your local camera shop might have unusable lenses for sale, and you might also find some at garage sales or swap meets.
There are a ton of old lenses out there that are just too scratched to be used. Once you have your lens, you’re ready to start breaking it down …

Step 2: Remove the Glass

paint-smFirst, lay down cardboard or bubble wrap to protect your work surface. You’ll be removing the glass from the lens by hammering it.
Put on your safety glasses. We don’t recommend you touch the broken glass with your hands, but for extra precaution, put on work gloves. Or a robo-glove. Either works.
You might notice there are multiple layers of glass inside. Start breaking through the first layer of glass by hammering.
TIP: Breaking this glass is harder than you would think. The layers can be pretty thick. Be careful and watch for “bounce-back” with your hammer hand.
Use your pliers to pull out any glass that you wouldn’t want to touch with your hands.
Once you are through the first layer of glass, take a look at the lens depth and figure out if you want to go further. If so, keep on hammering.

Step 3: Cut the Foam

paint-smOnce you’ve reached the depth you need, bust out your floral foam.
Take a look inside the lens, and eyeball what size you would need to cut down the foam so it fits in snug at the bottom.
Use a knife to cut it down to size.

Step 4: Glue the Foam

paint-smWith a dab of glue, attach the foam into the bottom of your lens.
This’ll make sure the flowers don’t fall out while you’re holding the bouquet throughout the day.

Step 5: Arrange Your Bouquet

paint-smOnce the foam is glued inside, you can start arranging your bouquet!
If you’re feeling shy about arranging your own flowers, take it to your florist, and they’ll be able to make something stunning for you.

Step 6: Put It to Use

paint-smNow what? Get married!
After you set up some chairs and get an officiant and all that.
Enjoy your day with your photo-geek bouquet, and play a prank on your photographer. What do you mean? Your lens *isn’t* supposed to have flowers in it?

Take it further

  • Make yours a planter. Check out our DIY!
  • Skip the foam, and turn your lens into a desk companion/pencil holder!
  • If you’re not in a DIY mood, Lens Mugs are super realistic faux lenses you can use instead.
Amber Phillips is a photographer and crafter based in Talladega, Alabama. Besides photography, she absolutely loves Doctor Who.

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