Turtle - quilling

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Turtle - quilling-MK 

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All the good days! Introducing master class from our designer Svetlana Belova - charming bug in quilling technique.  rapid and affordable MC for those who loved this charming (not afraid of the word) creation ...!

Is simple, unpretentious ... Getting? Large circles on the shell of 7 pieces, each curl of as much as 4 bars any selected color (even gray-brown-flecked raspberry ...) I have this same shade of brown. Tied shaybochku, gently push in the middle of a missed inside and glue.

Small shaybochek 6 pcs. And they do just as big, just as much as two slips

For the legs, and them at our beauty (strangely) four, also need 4 stripes + small piece corrugated paper, to finalize ... Just twist the all stripes, slightly dissolve the shaybochku to make it easier to shape drop and dent midway promazyvayut glue.
For the shell of corrugated paper curls two large circles (strips 1cm wide and 53 cm in length) to 4 strips of 0.5 cm (ie, cut along). A group leaving a flat - the future of the abdomen (do not forget a good fluff glue). Second round nicely and squeezing again glued. Let dry, and we proceed to the head.
Strip of corrugated paper cut into three pieces and twist the strips from one harvest to the top of the head. Gives it a slightly oval shape, dented and promazyvayut inside glue. For the bottom of doing the same thing, only zagotovochka should be slightly smaller (5 cm cut), but it needs to be squeezed a bit tricky: on the one hand is a bit inside (in this recess, we will insert the neck), the other - to the outside. Sizing and leave to dry.
Neck: the strip corrugated paper note 6 cm and add in four additions (so the head will hang on), sized layers and the tip a little twist and also glue. It is this twisted loop is attached to the bottom, inside the sunken part of the head ...
When blanks shell dry, glue them together.
And on top of the beautifully laid and glue shaybochki, large and small
Bottom legs
And now, and head, neck, giving beautiful curve ...!
Eyes can be purchased ready-made, and I have just two circles of paper, one more black, the other white smaller, and on top of tiny beads ...!
Dandelion, of course, optional, but I think it gives beauty naughty and playful way ... Though you may think and the other: your turtle can chew grass or cabbage leaf, and may drag myself to the book (source of knowledge)!

And a little bonus! I want to show of what's going to a dandelion bud:
One whole yellow rim is needed in order to create the necessary vacuum in the flower, which is planed to bend fringes of the two halves of the yellow and green stripes 1.5 cm wide, slicing to bend slightly, thus creating a beautiful volume ... The green part of the rim just finely chopped, and some made fence (it was his need to twist in the opposite direction of the total twist). All glue strips, twist, lightly press in the middle of a deep, glue the bottom. Do not forget the sepal, he twisted out of three slips and a stem (wire wrapped green paper)
Bud ready!
You joyful creativity!

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